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Welcome to!  Our site is devoted to bringing you information regarding all things dance.  From dance clothes, shoes and accessories we have all the information you will need to make the best choice for your dancers and your team!  We do not promote any product or method, we simply provide as much information as possible to assist you.  The many types of costumes, shoes and accessories are unique to each type of dance and it is important that before you begin searching for these items you know the type of dance you plan to perform.  Dancewear and dance costumes are meant to accentuate the dancers movements and create uniformity for a team.  It is also important that it be comfortable and flexible to meet the needs of the type of dance. 

Dance is derived from the French word danser which was used to describe movements of the body that were very artistic.  Dance has become an art form for many cultures and is also used as expression and social interactions in social or spiritual settings.  It can also be described as a form of nonverbal communication between humans.  Many different types of sports incorporate dance such as gymnastics, figure skating, and synchronized swimming.  There are many different types of dance and what is considered dance varies by culture. 

Ballet developed in Italy in the late 1500’s.  It was quickly picked up by the French who combined it with music, drama, and costumes to create wonderful performances.  Professional ballet dancers began to perform as members of the court for royalty and ballet masters became licensed bu the French government.  The first ballet dance studio, the Académie Royale de Danse, opened in Paris in 1661.  Since then dance has been considered an art in many European, and American, countries.  It continues to develop today. 

The birthplace of jazz dancing follows closely with the development of jazz music in the late 1800’s.  New Orleans is perhaps the most important place for all things jazz.  Jazz music is characterized by weak beats in some sections and strong beats in others.  They are very repetitive and most contain small solos.  Jazz dance clothing was established to be flashy and eye-catching from the get go.  Local woman would wear their flashiest pieces of clothing to clubs and parties where jazz was being played.  Jazz developed to a studio dance from there and is still compiled of very repetitive southern music.
The first hip hop dancers date back to the 1970’s where new dance moves were introduced to accompany the loud and funky beats of hip-hop music.  Young people everywhere began personalizing this style which now includes breaking, popping, locking, ticking, vibrating, krumping and even contortion techniques.  Early on dance competition between street groups were performed in the streets and gathered many onlookers.  From this hip-hop has developed to become a studio dance that is unique to itself.  While it incorporates many moves from many other styles it gives them each a unique twist. 

Lyrical dancing is a way to incorporate many ballet motions into dance with a less elaborate style.  Lyrical dancing has rooted from many dancing cultures and includes the most basic movements of life to the most elaborate formations and stunts.  Lyrical dances are often performed to slow music and the focus lies on the movement of the dancers body.  Lyrical dancers are known for wearing special spit toe shoes that allowed them to perform dances almost barefoot as the shoe would only cover the bottom of the foot.


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