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Dance Clothes

Every dancer should sport their teams dance clothes on a regular basis.  This will give the team publicity and also it shows support for your team.  Wearing clothes with the name of your team, studio, or school is also great because it lets you be known.  It is common for teams to set certain days of the month to wear the clothes so every member is wearing them on the same day.  It is also common for team members to wear their teams clothes at competitions so that teams can be easily spotted.

There are many different types of clothes that can be made into dance clothes.  Jackets are the most common clothing article that supports the team.  Jackets often include logos, names and colors that reflect the company and team that the dancer belongs to.  Shirts, sweaters and hoodies are also made with this same concept in mind.  Sweat pants are often made to include the dance team and companies name on the butt or leg so that they are easily visible.  Hats and beanies are also made with team names.  Often times you can purchase these items in a bundle to save on cost.  Measurements must be taken for each team member so that their items fit correctly.  It is also a great idea to personalize the items with the dancers name. 

At a competition there are many dancers from many studios that are from many different areas.   Nothing looks more professional then having your team walk into a competition in uniform dance clothing.  Everyone at the competition will know what team your dancers belong to and they will be able to associate dancers with your team regardless of where they are at.  This will unite your dancers as a team throughout the competition.  Your uniformity will also intimidate other teams!

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