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Dance Clothes FAQs

How do I choose dancewear for children?

Children can be difficult to keep amused no matter what they are doing.  When choosing dancewear for your child to learn or practice in that is a very important concept to keep in mind.  The clothing you choose for them to practice in should not distract them from trying to learn their routine. The same idea should be carried on to uniforms and costumes for performance.  If your child is distracted or finds it more entertaining to play with their costume it will be very difficult for them to continue their performance. 

How do I choose a theme for a themed dance?

When choosing to perform a themed dance it is important to pick a widely known theme.  This will not only ensure your audience understands your performance but that costumes are not impossible to find.  Themes are usually best taken from popular movies or musicals.  These are also best because the original performances can be seen so it aids you in making your performance as themed as possible.  A good thing to keep in mind for themed performances is that costumes and props are they key.  If you can not assemble adequate costumes and props for your performance then the theme will not easily be portrayed. 

How do I choose a style of dance?

In choosing a style of dance you must keep your strengths in mind.  There is a style of dance that is fitting for everyone.  Equally there is a style of dance that does not fit everyone.  If you like fast paced learning, moving and music then there are many styles for you.  Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Themed dance styles are only a few.  If you like to be relaxed and learn at an average pace then maybe lyrical is right for you.  If you are looking for advanced style then Ballet could fit you.  Do some research into all different styles of dance, try whatever looks appealing. 


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