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Dance Wear

Having the right dancewear is important for not only performances but practice as well.  The right outfit will allow you to dance and practice comfortably while allowing yourself maximum flexability and coverage.  In performances this can be essential to ensure your routine is executed flawlessly.  Practicing with similar outfits will get you used to the feel and restrictions of your outfit as well as allow you to become comfortable within it.  Costumes fall into many categories; leotards, unitards and then separate tops and bottoms.  There are also shoes, tights and undergarments that must be purchased as accessories.   Getting the right warm ups are also important so that practicing will be less of a hassle and more comfortable. 

Choosing the right dance wear can be crucial so all options should be explored.  Dance costumes often make or break a performance.  No matter how well a team performs, if they are dressed badly or un-matching their scores will drop.  Common costumes for all different types of dance are unitarts and leotards.  They are skin tight, one piece costumes that are very flexible.  Leotards have no leg space and are very much like a one piece swimming suit.  Unitards are leotards that include legs so they cover much more of the body.   There are also costumes you can buy that are less traditional and more themed to the song.   They vary in style and in design.  

Another important category of dance wear is practice outfits, or warm ups.  These can be chosen individually by each dancer, unlike costumes that must be chosen by an entire team.  Choosing the correct warm ups can be important because they will give the dancer comfort in practice.  Dance styles should be kept in mind when choosing warm up gear because you do not want the outfit you choose to interfere with your practice.  Warm ups should be kept short legged so that they do not drag on the ground or catch the feet of the dancer.  They should also be made of a flexible material so that the dancer is able to perform all necessary moves.  There are many different styles of warm ups that come in many different colors and variations.


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